•   Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year Newspaper Club!
    The Newspaper is proud to present the second edition of the Memorial Middle School School Newspaper!!

    The Memorial Times Summer 2019

    Newspaper Club Meeting Dates
    The Newspaper club has a great year! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper!!!
    --->  2018~2019  The Memorial Times Newspaper will be published online !!!! <----
     Students who have a completed photo release form may have their picture featured in the school newspaper. The photo release can be found in the Parent Portal under the "Questions" tab .
    To join newspaper club, grab a permission slip from the folder outside of the library. Signed permission slips can be placed in the "signed permission slip folder" outside of the library or handed to Ms. Riviera 
    Email: jriviera@wpschools.org
    ***Remember, The Memorial Times is a student paper made by Memorial School students for Memorial School students, so the more contributions the better! Get your friends in on it!***