• March Madness Book Challenge

    Dear Families,


    Beginning March 2nd- April 3rd students will be participating in a March Madness with books! Each student will be assigned to a team, and a book. The team’s book choices will be posted on the BG website. After two books have been read, students will get to vote as to which one was their favorite! Teams will then continue reading until the end, there is one winner!

    · Your child’s team is listed on the back of this paper

    · Check the school website for what book your child has to read for the week.

    · All books can be checked out for free online through Hoopla.

    · All students know how to log in to Hoopla through the Alfred Baumann website or a link on our website with their library card.

    · All books are available on Audio to listen to someone read, while you read along.

    If there are any questions or concerns please reach out to Mrs. Seavy (vseavy@wpschools.org) or Mrs. Perry (sperry@wpschools.org).


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Seavy & Mrs. Perry