• After School Clubs and Activities
    Band and Choir
    Grades 5-8 (open to beginners as well as experienced musicians)
    Advisor:  Mr. Schaefer
    Meets Monday through Friday
    Animal Club (expose students to all avenues of animal awareness)
    Grades 5-8
    Advisor:  Ms. Donato
    Meets on the second Wednesday of each month
    School Newspaper
    Grades 6-8
    Advisor:  Ms. Ficarra
    Meets weekly
    Student Council
    Grades 7-8
    Advisor:  Mr. Sans
    Meets every Thursday during lunch
    Peer Tutoring
    Grades 5-8
    Advisor:  Ms. Leporini
    Meets:  Monday through Thursday after school
    Grade 8
    Advisors:  Ms. McCluskey
    Meets 1-2 times per week until dealine approaches and then as needed to complete the yearbook.
Last Modified on December 21, 2009