District schools celebrate Music In Our Schools Month

March has been designated for the observance of “Music In Our Schools Month” (MIOSM) by NAfME, the National Association for Music Education. It is a time in which school districts recognize the importance of music in all children’s educational experiences.

To celebrate MIOSM, Charles Olbon students sang songs and engaged in activities which support the importance of music in education. Kindergarteners drew pictures of their favorite instruments and shared them with their class.  Second grade classes are having talent days during music classes.  In addition, there were guest performers in the school that included our very own Ms. Avella (bass) and Mr. Grochowski (guitar), who gave instrument demonstrations. Mrs. Ryan's father Mr. Ward also stopped by with his bagpipes. 

Mr. Ward also stopped by at Beatrice Gilmore, where his granddaughter Katie Ryan attends. Mr. Ward and Mrs. Ryan shared their musical talents with the students. Mr. Ward shared information about the bagpipes and how it compares to the recorders they are learning to play. He talked about his attire, as well as how the bagpipes are played to soothe the sheep. All students got to march in a mini-parade to recess.