Kindness Challenge results in thousands of logged acts

Woodland Park District Schools recently completed the "Think Kindness" 15 Day Challenge. They were competing against 7,000 other schools in their efforts to become "Kindness Ninjas" and become the kindness school district in America.

Charles Olbon School recorded over 3,000 acts of kindness. Guidance Counselor Miss Indri collected 3,429 acts of kindness in the form of journals and kindness meters along with 108 pairs of shoes to be donated to children in need – bringing the grand total to 3,537. A special kindness spotlight went to Ms. Miranda's class who recorded 660 acts of kindness over the course of the challenge.

“I told the students on the last day that even though we technically did not reach the 5,000 acts of kindness goal we were challenged with, I believed that we did and that all of our kind acts were just not written down,” Miss Indri said. “We had students who did multiple journals, students who made their own journals to record their acts of kindness, and students who took their journals home to spread kindness with their families. It is weeks later and I still have students talking about acts of kindness they are doing and ways to keep kindness going in our school.”

Beatrice Gilmore recorded about 2,000 acts of kindness in addition to over 100 pairs of shoes to donate.

Their overall “Kindness Ninja” was Tayeeba A., a 4th grader from Ms. Facciollio's class. During the challenge, Tayeeba completed 26 Kindness journals which totals 260 acts of kindness. “We are very proud of Tayeeba,” Guidance Counselor Donna Farraye said. “When I asked her where she learned to be so kind, she responded, ‘My mom.’”