WP Education Association fundraiser a celebration of life

On April 12, the Woodland Park Education Association PRIDE Committee, along with the teachers at Memorial Middle School, held an 8th grade class fundraiser for a beautiful young lady and 8th grade student, Josephine Palman, who has been diagnosed with a brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG.)  She was supposed to be the special guest for the occasion, but couldn’t make it as she has been in Cornell Medical Center's PICU for the past four weeks.

Some of the 8th graders offered to help prepare for the dance, making decorations on their own time. The class truly came together to support one of their own. Approximately 90% of the 8th grade class was in attendance and enjoyed two hours together, laughing, talking, dancing and celebrating life - Josephine’s life. Some who were not able to attend still made donations to the cause. Students danced,enjoyed a photo booth, ate and appreciated each other’s company. 

The Palman family is dealing with a tremendous amount of debt because of the medicalbills. With the help from the community in planning the fundraiser, the committee was able to keep expenses low and raised almost $1,500 for their family. The district’s very own

DJ Richie provided a fun atmosphere where students and teachers danced and laughed together. 2Sweet, a bakery owned by the Shafer family, who have two 7th graders who attend Memorial School, provided delicious miniature cupcakes. Pizza City brought wave after wave of pizzas for all to enjoy. It is businesses like theirs who help to make the community for the children so wonderful.  Their continued partnership in helping to make a difference in our town is evident in their kindness and generosity. 

"These acts of kindness have made a difference in our journey," Josephine's mother Patricia wrote on a recent update on Josephine's GoFundMe page, which is located at https://www.gofundme.com/josephine-the-tumor-warrior.

Businesses and students came together to support the struggles of a Woodland Park family suffering in so many ways and on so many levels.  It is lessons like these that cannot be taught from a textbook. The 8th grade class learned how they could help one another. On that night, they helped Josephine.