Facilities offer fresh, new workspaces for students

Over the summer, a number of spaces were renovated in the three district schools.


At Memorial Middle School, the media center was painted and reconfigured to better meet the needs of the students. The main office also had a makeover and now houses both of the school's secretaries.


Beatrice Gilmore School's hallways were painted with a lighter color, the main office had a complete makeover and the gym windows were replaced.


At Charles Olbon, five classrooms, two bathrooms and one office space were reconstructed. The new classrooms, which serve all of the second graders, were created with collaborative learning spaces in mind. They were designed to be learning spaces that can meet the needs of students in an ever-changing society. A variety of different types of work spaces fill the room, replacing traditional desks. LED lights create a bright space as well. The rooms also include new Smart TVs.


new_co1    new_co2    new_co3   new_co4    co_hall


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