Omegaman pays a visit during 'Week of Respect'

Charles Olbon School recently marked Week of Respect, aimed at educating the students about the importance of showing respect to themselves and others. To help teach the values of this important week, the students worked on activities and lessons regarding the value of respect in their classrooms and during recess.

On Monday, the students enjoyed a visit from the Omegaman & Friends assembly funded by the CO Home & School Association. The assembly ties in to October being National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. World Day of Bullying was Oct. 7 and the school community wore blue to "blue" together against bullying.

Omegaman delivered messages to the students by using strongman feats such as breaking a wooden bat over his knee, bending a piece of steel with his teeth and a ripping book called the “Book of Bad Choices” in half.

As Omegaman tore the book in half he explained that the kids can erase bad choices they’ve made and start fresh. When he bent the steel bar, he noted how bad choices can stop someone from being on a straight path but they can keep going on a straight path by making good choices.

The lively presentation covered numerous themes. Students were encouraged to be a "dream-maker," not a "dream-breaker." They learned that they can all be heroes by following the H.E.R.O. way: Helping Everyone Respect Others. Omegaman also stressed to students that it's important they recognize and report bullying. By doing this, they  are an upstander, not a bystander.

Students and staff concluded Week of Respect by wearing spirit wear or shirts in the school colors of blue and/or gold to show unity in the common goal of being respectful to everyone and making the school and community the best it can possibly be.