BMX pro wows Beatrice Gilmore students with bike stunts

Beatrice Gilmore Elementary School recently marked Week of Respect, aimed at educating the students about the importance of showing respect to themselves and others. They worked on activities and lessons regarding the value of respect in class all week

The students were treated to a visit by Chris Poulos, a world champion BMX athlete and motivational speaker, by the Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism & Drug Abuse. While he demonstrated a number of bike stunts, he shared important life lessons to the students in a number of areas including core values, anti-bullying and character education.

Poulos told the students that if they find something that they love, it will keep them away from the bad stuff.

"If you do good things, you're going to earn respect," he said. "If you do bad things, you are going to lose it."

He told the students about a fellow BMX champion named Adam who fell in to using drugs. One time, he used drugs and tried to do a trick off a high perch, saying that he could "fly." He wound up paralyzed.

"All it takes is one mistake," Poulos said. "Don't ever put anything in your body that doesn't belong in there."

After showing the students a trick called the boomerang, he told them that life was much like a boomerang - if you do something good, it will come back to you.

For his final trick, much to the awe of all the children, Poulos did a bike jump over two teacher volunteers - Mrs. Altomare and Mrs. Voinov.