Championship boxer shares his stories with Memorial students

Memorial School students were treated to an assembly by Cam Awesome, courtesy of the WP Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, as part of School Violence Awareness Week.

Cam Awesome is a well-known youth-speaker and personality. He is an Emmy nominated six time USA National Champion, four time Golden Gloves National Champion, two time Olympic Trails Champion Heavyweight boxer, and former captain of the USA National boxing team.

Cam told the students he didn’t start boxing until he was a senior in high school. As a teen, he was bullied and was overweight. As he told the students his story on how he trained to become a champion boxer he noted how life was much like boxing training. Getting knocked out is like failing a class. If you work hard you succeed, much like how if students study they will do well. He spoke about working to build resilience. "If you can fail without being discouraged, success will become inevitable," he said.

In speaking about social media, Cam encouraged the students to be wary of believing everything they see online. He said everyone usually only puts the "good stuff" on their social media. When Cam failed to make the Olympics, the backlash online got to him,

sending him in to a depression,

where be abused alcohol "No one hit me, no one touched me, but it hurt more than anything," he said of the words of strangers online.

Cam was able to pull himself out and become the success he is today. He realized he was a winner, with so many other dozens of boxing titles won. "Have a back-up plan," he told the kids. "And set big goals.”