'One School, One Book' launched at Beatrice Gilmore

'The Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism and Drug Abuse sponsors a number of initiative in the three borough schools each year. One such initiative is the “One School, One Book” program, which began this week at Beatrice Gilmore School.

The Municipal Alliance purchased copies of “Friendship According to Humphrey” by Betty G. Birney for every student and staff member. At a school-wide assembly, details about the program were given to the students. Their school mascot Buddy The Bear then appeared, wearing an inflatable ball as a clue - a hamster wheel. He unwrapped the book revealing the title to the students.

In the book, Humphrey, a class pet hamster, gets a big surprise as a new class pet, Og the frog, is introduced. Og doesn't respond to his friendly squeaks and the students are so interested in Og, they almost stop paying attention to Humphrey altogether. Friendship can be tricky, but Humphrey is an intrepid problem-solver. If any hamster can become buddies with a frog, he can.

Parents/guardians are asked to read the book at home with their child, a chapter a night, by Jan. 24. The book is theirs to keep. The school community is all reading it together at the same pace.

The goal is to bring the Beatrice Gilmore community together to talk about the importance of reading and friendship. “Friendship According to Humphrey” covers such topics as friendship, conflict resolutions and acceptance and the “One School, One Book” program facilitates conversations and understanding.

Find out more about the program at http://readtothem.org.