School District Marks Red Ribbon Week

Prior to the start of Red Ribbon Week in the schools, which is sponsored by the Woodland Park Municipal Alliance Against Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, members of our local Daisy and Girl Scout Troops along with Memorial Middle School students, Lisa Ribuado, Katherine Ryan and Deanna Mustafa, decorated the grounds of the schools with red ribbons.

Red Ribbon Week is aimed at promoting a commitment to be a drug-free, alcohol-free, violence-free, and smoke-free community. During this special week, the schools held various theme days, such as team jerseys, as shown by Mayor Kazmark, School District Superintendent, Dr. Michele Pillari, Memorial School Principal, Stephen Scholtz, and students. In addition, there was an anti-alcohol and drug classroom door decorating contest sponsored by the Municipal Alliance.

The schools offered theme days, which included "We are Red-dy to be drug free,” "Team Up Against Drugs," "We Are Too Bright to Use Drugs," and "Power To Be Drug-Free" in addition to students receiving age-appropriate educational lessons in class.