BG Influencers program launched

Beatrice Gilmore School has launched the BG Influencers program. The BG Influencers are a group of students who are now members of the BG School Climate and Culture Team. These students will be integral participants in maintaining a climate at BG School.

The BG Influencers will meet with committee sponsors on a regular basis in order to plan activities and solicit student input. The Influencer committee subgroups are aligned with the "Pillars of Character" which are also in place at Memorial Middle School.

BG Influencers are the face of the school community. These individuals represent the following characteristics: non-judgmental, problem solvers, positive role models and approachability.

The 25 selected BG Influencers, who were selected from over 65 students interested in participating in the program are:

Third grade: Sara V., Roselie D, Shevket H., and Veronica M.

Fourth grade: Adam N., Alex B., Amelia G., Anayah L., Anna S., Dana T., Dominic P. and Rital N.

Fifth grade: Aubrey C., Burchai S., Christopher S., Destiny R., Elena G., Eric G., Fernando M., Layla D., Mercedes V., Nayla T., Raemonia F., Riley B., and Sean M.