Science Fair returns in full force at Memorial

The science fair returned in full force to Memorial Middle School. All seventh grade students took part in the event, showing off their projects to family, friends, and classmates. Students either worked solo or in a pair to create their project. At the event, they explained their work and the result of their experiments to guests stopping by their booths.

Attendees of the fair were asked to vote on several categories. Congratulations to the 2023 Science Fair winners: 

  • Most Creative: Madeena and Maritza - making a phonograph 
  • Best Scientific Thinking: Maher and Andres - fastest way to cool a soda
  • Best Design: Nicola and Christian - the science of shooting hoops
  • Best Experiment: Phillipe - designing a solar oven
  • Overall Science Fair Winner - Jenai and Sammy - battle of the senses: taste vs. smell