Philippines officials visit Woodland Park to learn about curriculum and assessment programs


City and education representatives from the City of Biñan, Philippines, visited Woodland Park and New York City to learn about Teaching Strategies’ The Creative Curriculum and GOLD assessment programs, which they will be implementing in 2024. They toured School 1 in Woodland Park and Bronx Regional High School in New York to see the curriculum in action and gain insight from educational leaders.

Here in Woodland Park, they toured School 1 classrooms and had a roundtable discussion with Superintendent Dr. Michele Pillari, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Mrs. Sharon Tomback, Director of Early Childhood Education Mrs. Mireya Gutierrez, Director of Special Education & Student Support Services Mrs. Giovanna Irizarry, and School District Master Teacher Mrs. Kimberly Leary.

The City of Biñan is a large metropolitan city located near the capital city of Manila. The city's leadership is eager to reform early childhood education. Binan will begin a pilot program of The Creative Curriculum and GOLD assessment in January 2024 in their kindergartens, with a larger roll-out in preschool and kindergarten, and possibly in some daycares in August 2024.

The roundtable discussion covered numerous topics including making the decision to implement the Teaching Strategies curriculum, vision and goals for the program, challenges with program implementation, and student success data.