2023-2024 Beatrice Gilmore School Influencers announced

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Before winter break, the Beatrice Gilmore School Influencers were announced. The BG Influencers join the BG School Climate and Culture Team. These students will be integral participants in maintaining a climate at the school. Influencers will meet with committee sponsors on a regular basis in order to plan activities and solicit student input. Committee subgroups are aligned with the "Pillars of Character" which are also in place at Memorial Middle School.

BG Influencers are the face of the school community. These individuals represent the following characteristics: non-judgmental, problem solvers, positive role models and approachability. All students had to reapply if they were an influencer last year and many students were new this year. The majority of students are in the fifth grade as role models for the younger students.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 BG Influencers:

3rd Grade: Sarah Ali, James Iannacone, Idelisse Arredondo, Shardae McIntosh

4th Grade: Joleen Ayesh, Dzhaneta Bisultanova, Alexa Chiaravallo, Deniz Durmus, Julie El-Sadek, Nicole Maldonado Lindo, Natalija Pesev, Gavin Rogacki, Issa Shanaa, Lucas Zapata, Eric Beagin

5th Grade: Audrey Verdes, Sara Velkoska, Elianna Teran, Adelynn Rosa, Selma Rodriguez, Justin Perez, Navel Naveed, Veronica Murphy, Hazel McQuin, Victoria Lebid, Caroline Kazmark, Lauren Issacs Rojas, Amal Ijbara, Arianna Hernandez, Gabriella Grimes, Cameron Giannino, Melina Figarella, Jessica Espinal, Jaxson Coffey, Jacob Camacho, Isabella Castillo, Delilah Buonocore, Hassna Bouzaitoun, Sama Abudayya