• June 2017

    Math: We have completed the third grade math curriculum! Therefore, we will spend the next few weeks reviewing previously learned skills and strategies, to help us best prepare for fourth grade.

    Reading: Students will now explore another genre of fiction, mysteries! Additionally, all students have received their new D.R.A. reading level.  At their new levels, they will continue to utilize strategies to strengthen their reading comprehension and fluency.

    Grammar: Each week, the students learn and review a grade-level grammar concept.  Students are assessed at the end of the week.

    Vocabulary: We will continue to study grade-level vocabulary using a variety of texts.  Students will be tested on the meanings and spellings of these words weekly.
    Writing: Our final writing unit will focus on writing mysteries, which the students are very excited about! We will also continue to work on our paragraph writing.

    Science: We are now going to learn about the weather. We will look at a variety of weather-related tools and will also discuss safety tips for what to do in severe weather.

    Social Studies: Students will finish our discussions on the economy.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will also learning about different kinds of currency around the world. Students are going to be creating their own currency at the closure of this unit.