Dear Parents/Guardians,

    It is my pleasure to introduce myself, Mrs. Michele Herrmann, as your student's third grade teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. I wish to welcome all the "new to town/new to BG" families to our Beatrice Gilmore family, and I am looking forward to meeting with all of you in the near future. I hope you plan to become involved in your student's work this year. Also, I hope you will be able to help with the exciting events sponsored by the BGHSA planned for the students throughout the school year.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me first so that I may provide answers to your questions, or that we may work together to form a solution that is best for your student. The best method to reach me is through email at mherrmann@wpschools.org. If your issue is of an immediate nature, please contact the main office.

    As you know, homeowrk is an important reinforcement of the lessons taught to your student each day. Please be sure he/she is completing homework by checking his/her planner (or agenda) each day after school. Also, please visit this page and check the homework listed. Your student has other teachers for "specials" and you will also need to visit their webpages to check for required homework in those classes.

    As we are going paperless, please be sure to check our district's website often, as well as your email. Please also be sure your student attends school on time, wearing dress code policy appropriate clothing.

    I look forward to an exciting school year!

    Sincerely, Mrs. Herrmann


    Happy Fall!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    NOTE: Starting December 4th, homework will be listed on the Parent Portal. Thank you.

    Graded Mayflower Journal-Social Studies in-class "test" going home today, Dec. 1st.

    Graded Math quiz (Ch. 5 L. 1-3) going home today, 11/29.

    Graded Midwest Region Social Studies quiz and Unit 5 Vocabulary Test going home today, 11/28.

    Graded Math Ch. 4-2 tests going home today, 11/22.



    Monday:      Music      
    Tuesday:     Choir/Tech
                   Phys Ed   
    Wednesday:  Art-bring in smock/oversized t-shirt with
                    name on item
    Thursday:    Phys Ed    
    Friday:       Computers
                   World Language  
    Please be sure your student is prepared with at least 2 sharpened pencils daily. 
    Please check "Specials" teachers' homework pages for information.
    PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Check your child's agenda/planner each day. Initial below the assignments for the day & initial all homework.  THANK YOU!