• Date: September  2017

    To: Parents/Guardians                                                            sports

    From: Mr. Scholtz (Physical Education)

    Subject: Physical Education Dress Requirements


                It is very important that all students dress properly to insure safety and provide free movement during their Physical Education class.  We therefore require that all students follow the dress codes as noted below on the day(s) they have Physical Education.  There has been no change to the physical education guidelines from last year.  Just as in the past all students are able to wear gym appropriate clothing on the day they are scheduled for physical education class.  Students may opt to wear the dress code approved clothing selections or other clothing that would be appropriate for physical education experiences.  Students should always wear or bring sneakers on physical education days.

    Sneakers:-Must be a secure type- shoe lace, Velcro straps, zipper styles or elastic.

    Not Allowed- Backless sneakers, platform or high healed sneakers, Heelys, Crocs or sandals.       Sneakers which fall off when running or kicking are unsafe and not appropriate for Physical Education class.


    -          Should be loose fitting, allowing free movement during exercises, activities and games. Clothing must be properly secured and of a style to assure the individual will not trip over cuffs, and offer sufficient coverage when stretching and bending.


    -          Any Jewelry which may endanger a child’s safety or the safety of those around them should be removed prior to class or left at home. 

    -          Not Allowed- Any hoop earrings, bracelets, necklaces or watches, which cannot be secured safely under the shirt or blouse.


    The above requirements are necessary to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all students involved.  The students should dress accordingly on their assigned Physical Education day(s).  If a student does not follow the requirements and is unprepared for class he/she will sit out for the day which will reflect on their participation part for their grade in Physical Education class.



    Stephen Scholtz – Physical Education

Last Modified on September 8, 2017