• Woodland Park Special Needs Advisory Committee


    WP SNAC By-Laws

    Article I: Name of Organization

    • The name of this organization shall be called Woodland Park Special Needs Committee
    • AKA: WP SNAC
    • This name was adopted on August 26, 2015. 

    Article II: Purpose of SNAC

    • To work for the understanding of, respect for, and support of children with disabilities who receive special education services through WP, including children in our community who are sent out of district due to their disability needs.
    • To promote a parent group of parents with students of disabilities who receive special education services from the district of Woodland Park and to provide a forum to share information and concerns.
    • To advise the Director of special services, the Superintendent, and the Board of Education members of systemic concerns in our district
    • To promote communication between WPSNAC members, local, state and national organizations, council and groups
    • To promote communication and programs within the community to encourage understanding, acceptance and inclusion of all children with disabilities.


    Article III: Terms of membership

    General membership is open to all WP parents/guardians of children with disabilities, as well as other interested parties, who reside in the Borough of Woodland Park. 

    Article IV: Officers of the WP SNAC

    Officers of WPSNAC are nominated by the core committee and are voted on by the core committee.  The Core committee will consist of between 4 and 7 members as positions open on the core committee members of SNAC will have the opportunity to fill the opening.  Officers will hold office for (3) years.  If an officer resigns it shall be done in writing addressed to the chairs and the position will be open to fill by the core committee.  The core committee will be made of 2 Chairpersons, 1 Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Media Director and 1 executive board member.  Positions are open to a parent of a child/children that are students of the district of Woodland Park, Passaic Valley HS, or a child sent out of district but is still the responsibility of the district of Woodland Park.






    • Set forth the agenda for each general meeting
    • Facilitate all meetings of the WPSNAC
    • Work closely with the WP Boys and Girls Club on functions for our children
    • Act as liaison with director of special services
    • Will address issues that are brought to them in the form of a grievance
    • Will be notified of any disbursed money


    Vice Chair

    • Will conduct matters in absence chairperson(s)



    • Coordinates all communication between WP SNAC and its membership
    • Coordinates the recording and filing of minutes of the WP SNAC
    • Collects and reviews all correspondence of the WP SNAC
    • Provides copies of all posted meeting agendas, attendance, and meeting minutes with the Director of Special services
    • Log of membership
    • Records attendance at all meeting



    • Manage and accounts for funds collected, donates, and spent for WP SNAC
    • Coordinates efforts to apply for donations, reimbursements or any other funds for which WP SNAC may be eligible
    • Will provide monthly reports at scheduled meetings


    Media/Art Director

    • Will maintain and update all Social media and post upcoming current events


    Article V: Subcommittees

    • Subcommittees will be created and approved by the executive board as needed

    Article VII: Voting Membership Quorum/Procedure

    A quorum of no less then (3) voting members must be present at the time of voting for any motion to be adopted.  Only those voting members in attendance may vote.  Elections shall be decided by a simple majority vote of the voting membership subject to the presence of a quorum.


    Article VII: Meetings

    Meetings are defined as any WP SNAC meeting, activity or committee at which attendance is taken.  WP SNAC executive board will meet every other month or as needed and every 3 months with the Special Services director unless issues need to be addressed and the presence of the director will be requested at least 5 days in advance.  Meeting announcements and agenda will be posted by the secretary 48 hours in advance. 

    Article IX: Parent Group Meetings

    Group Meetings will be held no less than 3 times a year.   

    Article X: Meeting procedure

    Meetings and procedures for this organization will follow the Robert’s Rules of order

    Article XI: Amendments to By-Laws

    These by-laws maybe updated/amended by WP SNAC officers.  Such amendments will be voted on by the voting membership.