One of the many important skills your child will learn this year is their recognition of
    First Grade Trick Words 
    Below is a list of the words we will learn this year.
    Please review these words with your child so they are able to read, write, and spell them correctly.
    the  of  and
    is   his   of
    as  has  to
    into  we  he
    she  be  me 
    for  or  you  
    your  I  they
    was  one  said
    from  have  do
    does  were  her
    put  there  what
    she  been  by
    who  out  so
    are  two  about
    into  only  other
    new  some could
    want  say  do
    first  any  my
    now  our  over
    come  would  after
    also  any  many
    out  about  our
    friend  another  other
    none  nothing  people
    month  little  been
    own  want  Mr.  Mrs.
    work  word  write
    being  their  first
    look  good  new
    water  called  day
    may  way