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    Reading and Writing Workshop


         In Reading, we are continuing to amp up our reading powers!  We are currently learning about Literary Language and continuing to work on our fluency.  In writing, we are reviewing how to write a sentence and how to proofread.  Next week, we will begin to write poetry!



        In Fundations, we are finishing up our unit on r controlled vowels (or, ar, ur, ir, er) and we will begin to learn about homophones.  We also learned that r controlled vowels can be combined with multi-syllabic words.



             In Math, we just began learning about time! I love this chapter because all throughout our lives we will use this skill!





             In Science, we began learning about plants and animals.  Some vocabulary words that you may want to review with your child are amphibian, camouflage, stem, root, nutrients, and habitat.  We will also be researching a habitat and creating our own shoebox habitat.  If you have any adult shoe boxes, please be sure to send them in!








    May 3-  HSA Meeting


    May 16- First Grade Spring Concert 9:30 am


    May 22- HSA Storytime


    May 23-Field Day


    May 24- Field Day Rain Date


    May 28- Memorial Day- School is Closed