• We are busy earning "fuzzies" for good behavior in our classroom.  Be sure to ask your child what he/she earned this week! 

    In addition to earning "fuzzies" individually, we also earn "brownie points" as a class.  Last week, our class filled up BOTH trays of brownies for displaying excellent behavior.  Brownie points are given by special area teachers and given throughout the day when we receive a compliment from other teachers.  This week, the students chose to have our "party" outside on the brand new playground to celebrate their achievement! I am so proud! 

    10 Fuzzies

    • Brand new pencil or eraser

    • Earn a "terrific" certificate 

    • Sit in the teacher's chair for the day 

    20 Fuzzies

    • Sharpen your pencil any time

    • Sit in the "comfy blue chair" 

    • Use pens for the day

    • Earn a page of cool stickers

    • Be the teacher for a lesson 

    30 Fuzzies

    • Get a drink whenever you want 

    • Read a book aloud to our class 

    • Homework pass 

    • Be the teacher's spy 

    40 Fuzzies 

    • Tech break, play a game on the computer

    • Get some brand new super supplies 

    • Play time, play with your favorite "Fun Friday" center

    • "No morning work" pass 

    50 Fuzzies

    • Prize box

    • Choose a Fun Friday activity for the whole class

    Keep up the hard work!!! Good behavior = LOTS of fuzzies!