Woodland Park School District

Building the Road to Success

The Guidance Department is committed to providing academic, social, and emotional support to all of the students in Woodland Park.  The school counselors work closely with the student’s parents, teachers, and building administrators to help each student perform at their highest level.  The Guidance Department provides counseling services individually and in groups to assist all children in exploring and understanding themselves.  In addition, the school counselors play an integral role in many of the different programs and committees that exist in each school.  One of the major roles that each school counselor plays is that they are the Anti-bullying specialists for their respective schools.


The Guidance Department in Woodland Park consists of two school counselors.  One school counselor provides services to the students at Memorial Middle School.  The other school counselor provides services to the students at Beatrice Gilmore and Charles Olbon schools.  As a partnership, these two counselors regularly communicate and collaborate so that they can assist the students in Woodland Park.


Please feel free to contact your child’s school counselor to discuss any academic, social, and/or emotional concerns that you may have about your child.


Kerry McGlame                              Dina Gonsar                             Dina Gonsar

Memorial School                            Beatrice Gilmore                     Charles Olbon

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