Woodland Park School District

Building the Road to Success

Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction/Academic Programs 

Mrs. Carmela Triglia, Director Curriculum & Instruction

Mrs. M. Colon, Secretary



The Office of Curriculum and Instruction/Academic Programs continues to coordinate district programs and supplement the work done in individual schools. The district continues to monitor and develop support programs and learning opportunities that meet the needs of our students, preparing them to be productive citizens and lifelong learners.

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction/Academic Programs strives to:

·     Support school principals in their roles as instructional leaders

  • Create a culture of professional growth through professional development  
  • Support teachers as they work to obtain skills and knowledge to improve their instruction with students 
  • Coordinate the testing process for the district
  • Implement a curriculum renewal plan to evaluate, develop, implement and refine curriculum based on the Common Core Standards
  • Provide support for students receiving BSI, G & T, and ESL services
  • Develop and facilitate instructional leadership among teaching staff