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    Welcome to the Department of Special Education and Student Support Services
    On behalf of our dedicated special education staff, child study team and related services personnel, welcome to the Department of Special Education and Student Support Services website.
    The Woodland Park School District provides a system of comprehensive evaluation and a continuum of placement options to students, beginning at age three through fourteen years of age.  The purpose of special education is to provide supportive educational programming to students with special needs, according to the requirements of state and federal legislation.  Along with overseeing special education program services, the Department of Special Education and Student Support Services is responsible for the following student services:  Project Child Find, Intervention and Referral Services, 504 Accommodation Plans, nursing services, home instruction and guidance counseling.  Below please find the email addresses for the Child Study Team.
    The Woodland Park School District is a great place for learning, thanks to the partnership between home and school.  Woodland Park parents, who are our students' first teachers, send our students to school with a fine foundation for what we do here.  Our faculty works tirelessly to present a relevant and enjoyable educational program for the children.  It must be said, too, that our Board of Education and administrative team all contribute to our mission.  Ultimately, it is our students who profit from the rich collaboration of so many people.