Important Message from the Nurses

  •   Important Message from the School Nurses


    Hope everyone is doing well, wearing your masks, washing your hands, and following the social distancing rules.

    We have been busy updating our knowledge on the latest protocols in relation to COVID-19 and would like to share some important information with everyone.

      • Masks - it is essential that everyone is wearing a mask when at school as you know.  It is also just as important to wash your masks everyday to avoid germs adhering to the outside of the masks.  If you wear a disposable mask, you should dispose of it everyday after school and wear a new one the next day


    • Asthmatics - very important to wear masks to protect  yourself from getting bacteria and viruses that would affect your lungs.  Make sure you bring your MDI - Metered dose inhalers to school with your Asthma Action Plans completed and submitted to the nurse.  Nebulizers are not recommended as they cause viruses to escape into the air and infect others in the room.  If your child is sick enough to need nebulizer treatments they should be following up with the doctor.
    • Influenza or Flu Vaccine - it is highly recommended that all children and adults be vaccinated, especially this year to protect the spread of illness
    • Disinfect and clean - disinfecting is destroying germs with the use of specialized solutions and cleaning to remove them from the area. Especially with the weather changing and spending more time indoors - disinfect and clean all areas that are utilized and touched frequently - doorknobs, countertops, cell phones, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, etc




    • Quarantining and isolation - if you have been in close contact (15 minutes and less than 6 feet apart) with a COVID-19 positive person, you are required to stay home from school and quarantine for 14 days and report to the school nurse for further instructions.  If you get tested for the COVID-19 and are positive - you need to isolate - in a separate room away from the rest of the household members and if possible use a separate bathroom or have it thoroughly disinfected after use.  This needs to be reported to the school nurse and Passaic County BOH will direct you when to return and ask questions about the people you have been in close contact with in the past few weeks.



    • Traveling out of state and country  - most states in the US are on the high risk advisory in addition to many countries.  You will be required to quarantine for 14 days,
    •  if you are travelling to any of the states or countries on the NJ list



    • When to get tested for COVID-19 - if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 or you have been notified that you were in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  It is recommended to wait at least 5 days from the last contact with the infected person to get the test to assure accurate test results.


    New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub


    • Please contact your school nurse with any questions.