Mrs. Kristy Knapp
    The Anti-Bullying Coordinator (ABC) is appointed by the Superintendent and coordinates and strengthens district Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) policy to prevent, identify, and address HIB.  The ABC collaborates with the anti-bullying specialist, board of education and superintendent; also, meets at least twice a school year with the anti-bullying specialists; and will provide data, in collaboration with the superintendent to the New Jersey Department of Education.
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    The Anti-Bully Specialist (ABS) is appointed by the building principal and chairs the school safety team.  The ABS leads the investigation of reported HIB  incidents, acts as the primary specialist for preventing, identifying and addressing incidents of HIB in the school; also, assists the building principal in defining a range of ways to prevent HIB, and provides input to the board of education on annual reevaluation, reassessment, and review of policy.
    The School Safety Team (SST) develops, fosters and maintains a positive school climate, including HIB issues and will meet at least two times per school year.  The SST consists of the principal, and appoints the following members:  a teacher in the school, the school anti-bullying specialist (serves as chair), a parent, and any other members determined by the principal.
    The SST receives any HIB complaints reported to the principal*, receives copies of any HIB investigation reports*, identifies and addresses patterns of HIB in the school*.  SST members review and strengthens school climate and policies in order to prevent and address HIB, educate the community to prevent and address HIB, participate in training (both required and requested), collaborates with the ABC in data collection and development of policies to prevent and address HIB, and any other duties related to HIB requested by the building principal or ABC.
    *Parents shall not participate in these activities or any others that compromise student confidentiality.