• Speech and Language Services

    The Woodland Park Public Schools offer comprehensive speech and language services for students who are determined eligible.  Speech/Language Specialists are concerned with students' language functioning and communication skills. 
    The Speech/Language Specialist is responsible for conducting speech and language evaluations.  Additional responsibilities of the Speech/Language Specialists may include direct delivery of speech therapy services, case management, consultation to the Intervention and Referral Services Committee, and consultation with staff and/or parents regarding the student's language functioning and communication.
    The speech/language services program provides services to both the general education students and special education students receiving related services.  The preschool handicapped and self-contained classes have a speech/language specialist in the classroom for a major portion of the school day, providing speech therapy services in class and offering language-based support in the classroom.  Students in kindergarten through eighth grade are offered services according to their needs, which include fluency, articulation, language, and auditory processing.  Service models include pull out in small group of up to five students, in class support, and language infusion.  Students are monitored through functional observation and staff in-services are provided to faculty as needed.