• Section 504

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (P.L. 93-1120) is a major federal legislation designed to prevent discrimination against individuals with disabilities by entities that receive federal funds.  It is considered civil rights legislation and applies to all individuals with disabilities.  The two primary requirements of Section 504 that affect school age students are nondiscrimination and the provision of a free appropriate public education.  Therefore, the Woodland Park Public Schools are required to provide appropriate modifications for students with disabilities and to ensure that programs are accessible for these students.
    At the district level, there is a 504 Committee comprised of school personnel, parents/community members and a Board of Education member.  The purpose of the committee is to review accessibility issues of the district's school buildings.  For more information, contact Susan Confrancisco, Special Education Director at 973-317-7761 sconfrancisco@wpschools.org.
    Each school building has the services of Child Study Team members who are available to identify students with disabilities and to design, if necessary, 504 Accommodation Plans in conjunction with each schools 504 Committee.  Each building principal serves as the 504 Committee chairperson for their respective school.  A 504 Plan usually provides educational accommodations for eligible students.  For more information, contact the building principal of the student's current school year.