• Woodland Park Public Schools

    Student Discipline Code of Conduct

    The Woodland Park Board of Education has established a Code of Conduct which is a representative of the composition of the district's school and community.  It is based on the core ethical values: caring, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, and citizenship.  All are desinged to attain the district's mission of educating today's learners to become tomorrow's leaders.  The Code of Student Conduct will undergo an annual review by the Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools.  If necessary, it will be modified on the basis of research and data provided by the administrative team, faculty, parents, and student regarding its effectiveness as it relates to the district's mission statement. 

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  • Memorial Middle School Mustang Student Responsibilities

    The Six Pillars of Character Education

    Mustang Students are expected to demonstrate the following responsible behaviors while in school, on a school bus, and at all school activities/functions in and out of the district: 


    1. Be kind.
    2. Be compassionate and show you care.
    3. Show empathy.
    4. Express gratitude.
    5. Forgive others and show mercy.
    6. Help people in need.
    7. Be charitable and altruistic.


    1. Be honest in communications and actions.
    2. Don’t deceive, cheat or steal.
    3. Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do.
    4. Have the courage to do the right thing.
    5. Build a good reputation.
    6. Be loyal to your values.
    7. Keep your promises.


    1. Treat others with respect and follow the Golden Rule.
    2. Be accepting of differences.
    3. Use good manners, not bad language.
    4. Be considerate of the feelings of others.
    5. Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone.
    6. Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements.


    1. Do what you are supposed to do.
    2. Plan ahead.
    3. Be diligent.
    4. Persevere.
    5. Do your best.
    6. Use self-control.
    7. Be self-disciplined.
    8. Think before you act.
    9. Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes.
    10. Set a good example for others.
    11. Choose a positive attitude.
    12. Make healthy choices.


    1. Play by the rules.
    2. Take turns and share.
    3. Be open-minded; listen to others.
    4. Don’t take advantage of others.
    5. Don’t blame others carelessly.
    6. Treat all people fairly.


    1. Do your share to make your home, school, community, and world better.
    2. Cooperate.
    3. Get involved in community affairs.
    4. Stay informed; vote.
    5. Be a good neighbor.
    6. Make choices that protect the safety and rights of others.
    7. Protect the environment.
    8. Volunteer.
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