What is Basic Skills Intervention (BSI)?

  • Woodland Park Basic Skills Instruction Program

    The Woodland Park Schools Basic Skills Instruction (BSI) Program offers academic support and assistance for first through eighth-grade students who are deemed “at-risk” in the core contents of  Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics. Kindergarten identification begins in January.  Instruction is provided through either a pull-out small group session or push in through the student’s assigned class time.  Multiple criteria and teacher/parent referrals are used to determine when it is appropriate for identified students to be in a pull-out individual/small group setting or when students can be better served in the classroom with push-in support. 

    Identification of Students for Tiered Basic Skills Intervention

    TIER 1: refers to high-quality core instruction and addresses the needs of most students. All students in Tier 1 are screened in literacy and mathematics three times per year. Results are used to identify students who are on track, and those at risk. 

    TIER 2: includes the core instruction provided in Tier 1 and supplemental supports and interventions that may be delivered in small-group instruction, delivered in either the general classroom during flexible grouping or centers or during an additional period. Limited, but targeted support is provided to remediate academic skill deficits. 

    TIER 3: includes the practices described in Tiers 1 and 2 and is characterized by an increase in the length of time, duration or frequency of the intervention targeted to a student who is not making adequate progress with Tier 2 supports—Tier 3 includes all of the elements of Tiers 1 and 2.  

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