• Dear Memorial School Families,                                                                        

              Over the past twelve years, and through your generous donations, the Woodland Park Community has collected over $14,000 for the Family Reach Foundation. This wonderful foundation is a non-profit organization that helps families that have a child who is battling pediatric cancer. The Family Reach Foundation assists these families with the overwhelming expenses incurred while they are traveling to the hospitals for treatments, for unpaid time off, and many other expenses they may face while dealing with a sick child.

              As we have done in the past, we are asking for donations of any amount in the form of GIFT CARDS such as gas cards, grocery store cards, or fast food restaurant cards.  As you could imagine, the families of hospitalized children lead hectic lives and any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

              For each donation, an ornament bearing the name of your family will be displayed on our “Giving Trees”. Our goal is to fill the trees with many glittering ornaments which would symbolize your generous donations.

              The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to help children and their families during a time of need, and to continue to teach our students the importance of giving. Thank you in advance for your continued support and generosity for this worthy cause.


    Lisa Barreto, M.Ed.

    *If you would like to know more about the Family Reach Foundation please visit their website at :  www.familyreach.org