* * * The Home Work policy for Math Class is; each Marking Period every student will start out with 100 HW points. For every HW assignment not completed, 5 points will be deducted from the 100 points. The final HW grade will then be posted for the marking period. For example if 5 assignments are missed for the marking period, the Final HW Grade will be 75%. 
    * * *When a Tenmarks assignment (or a similar on-line program) is not completed within the week,  5 points will be deducted from the HW grade.  If you are having a problem doing the program at home, you can use the computers at the school or the town library. Tenmarks will be included as part of your total HW grade. This assignment is due by Thursday midnight.
    *** The Home Work  Policy for Science is the same as Math.
    *** The Class Work Policy for Science Current Event is; each student is responsible for completing a science related current event article on the last Friday of the month. It must be completed in class. Material will be distributed to choose from such as grade level Discovery Magazines for Schools and Students. Related topics could be; extinct animals, control group survey, weather, space, new discovery of species, technology, health, medicine, etc. They will follow the format on the work sheet provided to do the assignment. This includes: heading (name, grade, & date), name of article, author of article, date of article, and source of article. They will write 2 paragraphs. The first paragraph is a summary of article. The second paragraph is their opinion. Each paragraph is to be at least 5 sentences long. Each month the assignment is worth 5 points towards the total Science HW grade. Pictures with captions are not acceptable.
    * * *Every student is required by the school to have their STUDENT PLANNER in school with them everyday.  Please check black board everyday for HW. If you forget to write it down in the Student Planner, you can also look it up on my school website or phone a friend. If you forget your Text Book or Work Book in school, go on-line and print it out or copy it down.
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Last Modified on June 21, 2017