•  9/23: 

    The instruments from Music & Arts were delivered to school today! We will begin our lunch lessons this week.  Just a reminder: 

    • Clarinets - Tuesday
    • Trumpets - Wednesday
    • Saxophones - Thursday
    • Trombones - Friday
    • Percussion - Friday 

    Flutes missed their lesson because the instruments were delivered after lunch.  I will try to make it up later in the week. 

    Students will be allowed to take their instruments home this weekend.  

    -Mr. Schaefer


    Thank you for signing up for 5th Grade Beginner Band class! Every student should know which instrument they want to play by Friday, 9/13.  I will send an email home to all band parents to confirm which instrument your child has selected on Friday.  


    To rent an instrument, click the link below:

    Please wait for confirmation from Mr. Schaefer before renting an instrument

    Music & Arts Wayne

    • Click on "Rental Program"
    • Enter zip code and select Memorial Middle School
    • Select instrument
    • Make sure to get the Standard of Excellence book one (it should be selected by default)
    • Enter student name and follow the rest of the instructions 


    Instrument Options: 

    Click on the links below to watch a short video about the instrument:



    Alto Saxophone



    Percussion (Drums & Xylophone)




Last Modified on September 23, 2019