•                                                              Homework Policy


          I believe that homework is a very important part of a student’s experience in school.

    Homework reinforces what they have learned in class. It provides them with an

    opportunity to practice the skills learned in school that day.  Homework teaches the

    student responsibility, and helps them develop positive study habits.


         Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis with some possible exceptions around the

    holidays.  All the homework assignments will include a due date and will be posted on

    my webpage. The webpage can be accessed by visiting the district website and then

    the Memorial School page.  I have also listed all the vocabulary words and notes for all

    the lessons being taught by grade level.  It should not take the student more than a half hour

    to complete homework assignments. They will receive a one week’s notice before

    quizzes and tests.  It is suggested that they study at least three times a week for fifteen

    to twenty minutes. The students will be given specific directions and sufficient time

    to complete any project (s) assigned to them.


         I expect students to do their best when completing all assigned homework and projects. I

    expect the homework to be completed neatly and to include a proper heading (name, grade,

    and date).  I expect that all the assignments will be turned in on time. If homework is not

    handed in on time  I will accept the missed assignment the next day with a parent/guardian

    signature.  If the student does not hand in the assignment by the end of the next school day

    they will lose five points of their grade for each day that it is late until it is completed

    and handed in by the student.        


         Parents are the key component to making homework a rewarding experience for their

    child. Therefore, I ask that you consider homework a top priority, please provide all the

    necessary supplies, praise and support.  I believe that providing constructive and

    supportive feedback is essential in motivating children to strive for higher success.  I will

    continue to motivate students by offering various incentives when homework is completed

    on a regular basis.


    Please read and discuss the homework policy with your child. Thank you in advance.

Last Modified on September 6, 2018