• 6th Grade
    *Please do not forget to bring in a chapter book of your choice to read during class in the event that you complete your assignment(s) before the rest of the class.  
    Marking Period  4
    Period  7       Room 9      Wednesdays,Thursdays,Fridays 
    4-12-18  Please review/practice your dialogue lines.
    4-13-18  Please practice your dialogue lines.  Also, review the presentation rubric posted on my Faculty Page.  Presentations will begin on Wednesday 4-18-18.
    4-18-18  The students did a great job with their dialogue presentation in Spanish.  I am very proud of all their efforts!
    4-19-18  Please complete the Repaso de Vocabulario word search.
    4-25-18  Please review the expressing preferences notes and vocabulary. Quiz tomorrow 4/26/18.
    4-27-18  Please study the expressing preferences notes and vocabulary.  Quiz on Wednesday  5-2-18.
    5-4-18  ¡No hay tarea!  ¡Buena suerte en el examen PARCC!
    5-11-18 Please study letters A-N.  Quiz on 5-16-18.
    5-16-18  Please study letters Ñ-Z.  Quiz tomorrow 5-17-18.  **Extra Credit worksheet due Friday 5-18-18.
    5-17-18  Please study the words on the spelling worksheet you labeled with a star.  Be prepared for oral and auditory activities tomorrow. *** I will collect the Extra Credit assignment tomorrow.
    5-18-18  Please continue to study the Spanish alphabet for class activities next week.
    5-23-18  Please study the Spanish alphabet.  Test will be on 5-30-18.  Also, complete the spelling worksheet. It is due on 5-25-18.
    5-24-18    NO CLASS NYC TRIP
    5-25-18  Please study the Spanish alphabet.  Test will be on 5-30-18.  
                     ¡Tengan un buen fin de semana!
    5-30-18  ¡NO hay TAREA!  Unless, you have to finish your Henry B. Gonzalez packet.  It is due tomorrow  5-31-18.
    5-31-18  ¡No hay TAREA!
    6-1-18    No Class-  Field Day!
    6-7-18    No hay tarea!
    6-8-18   Please complete Los Deportes packet.  It is due 6-13-18.
Last Modified on June 8, 2018