•      September 2017

    Dear Parents/Guardians,


     I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to a new school year. I am

    anticipating a productive and fun school year working with both you and your child. I

    strongly believe that children receive the best education possible when parents and teachers

    work together.


    This year fifth grade will cover the following topics: Greetings/Saludos,

    Introductions/Introducciones, School/La Escuela, Time/La Hora and Food/La Comida.

    Sixth grade will cover the following topics: Introductions/Introducciones,

    Professions/Profesiones, Leisure Activities/Pasatiempos, and School/La Escuela. Seventh

    grade will cover the following topics: Who am I? / ¿Quién soy yo?, Weather/El Tiempo,

    Family/La Familia, and Verb Conjugations/ Conjugación de verbos. Eighth grade will

    cover Geography/Geografía, Body/El Cuerpo, Shopping/Ir de Compras.


    Please note that all students will receive study guides at the beginning of every lesson and

    will complete two quizzes before a test is given. Also, all notifications, homework

    assignments, and vocabulary words/notes can be found on my faculty page. The steps to

    access the page are: First, visit the district web site wpschools.org. Second, click on

    Memorial under Schools. Lastly, click on my name under Faculty Pages.

    Students will be graded on the following five categories: Tests (25%), Quizzes (20%),

    Classwork (20%), Oral Activities/Projects (20%), and Homework (15%).

    I would like to end with this special request, please remind your child to come prepared

    to class with their World Language folder, sharpened pencils, pens, planner,

    English-Spanish dictionary, and their completed homework.  I will do my best to keep in

    contact with you throughout the year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have

    a question or concern at jalejo@wpschools.org.  I am looking forward to a wonderful

    school year.



    Señorita Alejo



Last Modified on September 7, 2017