•   8th Grade

    *Please do not forget to bring in a chapter book of your choice to read during class in the event that you complete your assignment(s) before the rest of the class.  
    Marking Period  4
    Period  8       Room 49        Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
     4-13-18  Please complete Expresiones Esenciales packet.  Due 4-18-18.
    4-18-18  Please practice your dialogue lines. Presentations will be on 4-20-18.
    4-20-18  Please practice your dialogue lines.  Presentations postponed until 4-25-18 due to Youth Month  Assembly.
    4-25-18 The students did a great job with their dialogue presentations in Spanish.  I am very proud of all their efforts!
    5-3-18  Please study the South and Central American Countries and their capitals.  Quiz on Wednesday  5-9-18.
    5-16-18 to 5-18-18     ¡Buen viaje! 
    * Reminder to continue to study the Spanish speaking countries, and nationalities study guides.
    5-23-18  Please study the Countries and Nationalities study guides. Know the verb ser conjugated forms, the region the countries are located in and their capital. Test will be on 5-25-18.
    5-24-18  *** Please see above**  Study all your notes.  Test tomorrow 5-25-18.
    5-25-18  ¡NO hay TAREA!   ¡Tengan un buen fin de semana!
    5-30-18  ¡NO hay TAREA!  - Graduation Practice
    5-31-18    Please remember that your final presentation will be on June 8.  Use your time to prepare the presentation wisely in class.
    6-1-18    No Class-  Field Day!
    6-7-18  Please practice your presentation for tomorrow  6-8-18.


Last Modified on September 11, 2018